Sunday, August 29, 2010

Talking To Myself

Not that anyone reads this any more, but I HATE "social media"! It isn't very social, it just causes trouble cause people assume you mean one thing when you say another! Iam now doing what I hate by typing my own STUPID useless oppinions on a page that anyone can read. WHO CARES!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Tristan, just wait a minute.
    I don't know what you typed. I don't know what you said, either.
    I don't put my opinions up on Facebook. I just put cute or nice things which happen to me. I know that Facebook, just like what I write on any blog, can be read by anybody. If I want privacy, I'll write it on a piece of paper, dammit.
    I want my ART to be known. That's why I have the By-Product. I would like for my art to be more popular and have people pay for it. That's basically it. Stick with the art displays, that comes first.