Thursday, November 4, 2010

Burning Art

I am considering burning some of my art. I have tons of it and no one has bought it, so it is useless and worthless. I have so little space an don;t really want to pack it up and try and store it. If I could stop making the crap, it would be better, but I can't stop drawing and painting so I have piles of art just cluttering up the world. Art the no one wants is worth nothing!




    I understand that it may seem Dark, and painful now, but these things pass.

    I live with a life long ailment, but I still grind out those Angel drawings.

    Never hurt your Art. That's from your Heart.

  2. Good Grief! If I had the dough I'd buy up most of your stuff. I 'still' intend to be a customer.

    I really want that Moddona, and Child you did. As well as various Faeries! soon as I can I intend to contact you about that. I imagine alot of folks are in $$$ trouble right now so may not be ordering.

    Don't give up. Your Talent is Gift, NOT a Curse,..and don't you forget it!


  3. ditto on what Uncle said... also, I really hope before you go this route you consider other options. Maybe a charity could benefit from a donation? who knows, I know I would buy YOU if I have a few Gazillion dollars... :P

    Speaking from the prespective of an art creator, this is a tough time to sell anything that people can't immediately use... (anyone want a baby blanket? haha!)

    Stick in there, things will look up! and hell, if you need storage space, I'd LOVE to adopt some of your old stuff! haha

  4. oh, and by the way, I want to officially complain... I would be commenting up the wazoo, but this website you have here is the HARDEST thing I have ever tried to comment on! :P *hugs!*

  5. If I destroy my art it is because I am fed up with people not wanting it! You all cry "I have no money" and yet I know people have spent TONS on crappy art and yet don't buy my work.
    I would NEVER donate my art!! It would not be appreciated and if it is not worth buying it is not worth donating, better to burn it!

  6. Tristan:

    I must join the chorus here and implore you to NOT BURN YOUR ARTWORK! There could be many reasons why it has not yet sold. If you need more space, then take the older pieces, seal them as best you can, and store them in a storage facility. There must be at least one of them in the Baltimore area. Phoenix had them about every two blocks! ;)

    I see from your bio that you're now able to take PayPal. That should go a long way towards making your sales increase. Have you incorporated simple purchasing options to your website? I can help you or whomever is maintaining your website to incorporating PayPal into your website if this hasn't been done already.

    It's almost Thanksgiving, and your love and friendship is something for which I've always been thankful.

    Your friend,