Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Death of Hope

Well teabaggers got power, now we can watch as the United States goes down in flames!


  1. Three things you can count on, death, taxes, and a stupid American electorate.

    Angels weep.

  2. count me as one of the stupids. sorry, but there are some things I just prefer... :P Anyway, this ain't my forum, so I will keep my political views to myself... :D (she said as she spoke her political views... :P)

  3. The rest of the world has had to reign in its budget deficits and national debts. Why should America be an exception?

  4. Diana, if that means you are Republican or worse Tea Party Republican, you may want to NOT mention it to me again! I am at the pioint of not being willing to even be friends with people who are that stupid!

    Catholic Boy...have you read my veiws on Religion? Not sure you should be here, and as for your comments, you have no idea of what is really happening here if you think that is the point of the Republican stupidity!