Sunday, December 5, 2010

Diffrent Other Tarot

Well, here is another Tarot card, but not from my Tarot of Atlantis but from my Tristan Alexander Tarot (also called the Eternal Champions Tarot). This is the only truly bad card in any Tarot deck as normal or reversed it is just not good news sorta card. It is also the only one in my deck that is drawn sideways. "10 of Swords".


  1. I remember this deck! Did you ever get it finished? I can't even begin to fathom what it would take to draw an entire Tarot deck! But, then again, I am not an artist by any stretch, so....

    It does kind of remind me of a magic trick that went horribly wrong, though. ;)

    I *really* like the various sword designs, too; wouldn't mind having some (or all) of them myself.


  2. Jon, the deck was done when we were hanging out together (it was laminated at Milikin). Thanks for the other comments.

  3. Tristan:

    I just had to tell you this: Eileen and I volunteered prior to Christmas at Barnes and Noble to wrap purchases for donations to dog rescue. We were placed in a horrible spot, but we still got some traffic. But I digress....

    What I wanted to mention was that, right across from us, was a display of various tarot cards. There was one that was listed as the Vampire Tarot. And, there was another deck titled The Vampyre Tarot. Just thought you'd be interested in this. Have you seen either of these decks? And have you ever managed to get any of your decks published?

    Your friend, as always,