Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hand Made Holiday

My husband Don and I have done hand made ornaments for our Christmas tree over the past several years. Last year we had to retire/discard many of the last remaining ornaments we had made many years before so this year we made new ones. This is the "star" for the top of the tree and is my own design based on quilling! It is simply strips of card stock rolled and glued to make the different shapes. Not perfect but I like it and maybe will do allot more "quilling" in the future. Roughly 8 inches across, art thing number 70.


  1. Tristan:

    That is a very lovely ornament! I would never have the patience to create something that intricate. How 'bout a photo of it ON the tree? I'm certain that will look more festive and seasonal than against the fabric background. :)


  2. Jon, it is alot easier than you think and I know you, you could do it easy! Once we get the tree decorated I will take pictures.

  3. It's beatiful, my sis probly could make a copy of it just by looking at it...

  4. that is rally pretty!

  5. Tristan:

    As I said, it's a lovely ornament. And thanks for posting photos of the completed tree; it truly is unique. I just hope you're able to keep the ornaments safe from year to year.