Sunday, January 23, 2011


I almost called it pussy WIPped but that would have been rude! Since I like to try and post something at least every other day, I am posting this work in progress. The picture is not great, digital camera, not real squared etc. But this is a 16 x 20 picture of the Egyptian Goddess Bast. I am struggling with the background (they always seem to be the part that takes me the longest time and the most work). I am wanting it to look a bit like the works of Alma-Tadema (love his stuff). Anyway, here is the beginnings of the new picture "Bast".


  1. Voluptuous for sure! I like the furry arms. Who is your model? Can't wait to see the Alma Tadema background. He's one of my favorite artists, too.

  2. Pyra, the model is from a photo reference (a couple actually). I just hope what I end up with has enough of the Alma-Tadema feel I want.

  3. Hi Tristan:

    Ah, shucks. Here I was hoping for another "Name this picture" contest. I would have submitted "Basting in the sun" for this one. ;)

    Impressive artwork as always, my friend. You are far too hard on yourself (also, as always :( ).

    I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished.