Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eh Art

Since my friend Pyracantha, was complaining cause I had not posted any art in a while I looked through old stuff and found something I don't think I have posted before. Clearly influenced by ElfQuest, this is far from my best work. It has some parts I like but overall, it's mediocre at best. "Elf Boy with Sword", 5 x 8, marker, Acrylic and watercolor colored pencil on brown board.


  1. The picture tells a story. The little elf boy has found a perfectly preserved, rust-free, jeweled sword in a place of long-dead human bones. How did it remain there without anyone looting it? Is it a magic sword? Is it cursed? Will he cut himself on the shiny blade? Lots of story possibilities.

  2. Tristan:

    I can certainly see Wendy Pini's influence here; he reminds me of a cross between Cutter and Skywise (gaaa, I hope those are the right names; it's been AGES since I've read these stories!). But he's also clearly your own artwork, your own design, and NOT an elf, as he has four fingers and a thumb. ;)

    I like the composition here, too; the dried bones in the background, the gnarled tree. They all combine to make a very interesting piece of art that, as Pyracantha says, leads to all sorts of possible stories.

    Your friend,