Friday, February 25, 2011


I have updated my profile "photo". It is a new self portrait I just finished. I have changed my look a bit, accidentally recently. I found out that by combing my beard forward, it curls..which I like. I have cut my own hair for many years and this time I had an accident. The clippers I used did not work as they should and I lost allot more than planned, so it became very short! The new self portrait is of course NOT very realistic, it is stylised as is all my art. I wish I looked like this more and less like I really do. But, be as it may, I now have short hair except for the tail I kept (and combed forward for the portrait. The shield is my SCA Arms.
"Self Portrait 2011", 5 x 8 1/2, Acrylic on Canson board. Picture 12.


  1. You forgot the point at the top of the ear.

  2. Pyra, as much as I like them, I don't have pointed ears.

    Andy, Thanks! :)

  3. aww, you look just fine. :P haha this is a great portrait!