Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Double Trouble Scroll

Here is the illumination part of the latest SCA scroll I am doing. This is a combination Award of Arms and Silver Osprey. The circle with the birds and sword abouve the kings head is the Silver Osprey (a fighting award) and the sheild with the 3 frogs is the Arms of the person this is for. This is based pretty directly from "The Book of Kings" also known as the Morgan picture Bible. It is from the 13th century and is a very extensively illuminated book. This is based on Folio 46 verso and is 8 1/2 x 11, done in egg tempera and gold leaf on velum (the hide not the paper). I did cheat a bit and had to use some micron pen and som Acrylic, but 99% of this is authenticaly correct for it's period. Calligraphy is yet to be added. I HATE gold leaf! Picture 22.


  1. Tristan, that is fantastic! I love the knights and the horses. Not to mention the architecture! When I was young I was totally devoted to medieval illumination but I never did any actual illumination work. Your gold leaf looks just perfect.

  2. Tristan; beautiful work. Very inspiring. :)