Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good News Bad News

RUSH was amazing and gave a great concert and a great show! That was the good news. The Bad news is that the Baltimore Arena is CRAP! The acoustics were very bad and made an otherwise great concert less than perfect! Distortion and other sound problems made it sound like listening to a badly tuned radio at times! I will never attend another concert at that venue! The seats were small and tight and uncomfortable and the lack of any space to get past people in your row made it very dangerous in the balcony seats. So maybe someday I will get to see RUSH again, in a REAL auditorium with decent sound!

The Walters demo was wonderful and many people learned more about illumination and how they did certain arts in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The bad news is that I got very very little sleep between the concert and the demo, maybe 4 hours at best. The good news is, there was so much positive energy at the concert, that I was still fully charged for the full day at the demo! 

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