Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eye Troubles

Well, as of my birthday (Sept. 10) my eyes have gone all funny...I used to need glasses to read and do art but seeing distance things was fine. NOW I can't see past about 5 feet before everything goes very blurry but I can read the computer screen better without the glasses. I hope to get to an optometrist soon and find out what the heck is going on!


  1. this year I've had blurry vision at times and it's due to my allergies. I guess I'm getting older.

  2. Of course I hope it is nothing serious, but when your whole way of seeing seems to have flipped from what you were used to is scarry!


  3. I know how you feel, It happen to me about 50 and it was bifocals :( I see ok to get around with out glass but not at night or computer work reading etc

    Powyl the druid from Pennsic