Saturday, September 17, 2011

When I Die

(I am posting this just so there is no question about my wishes after I am gone. With the recent passing of my mother and my current physical conditions I thought it might be good to have my wishes known!)

I want a Green Funeral; there are places that will do this. Green as in all natural, no preservatives, a cheap biodegradable coffin and I want to be able to actually decompose into the earth as we were meant to do.

I DO NOT want a Christian Funeral! I want NO hymns, NO priest or minister (unless they are pagan or Buddhist or some other NON Christian type).

If Don has died before me, I want to be next to him if he is in a green cemetery and biodegradable. If I die before him I want to be buried where he can be next to me after he dies. I want everything I own to go to Don, he can do what he wants with it. I want NO flowers; I would like people to plant a tree or lilac bush in my memory instead. They can plant these anywhere they want. Living, positive, natural things are what I want as a memorial instead of cut flowers that will quickly fade!

(There is more but those details can be found on my computer when the time comes under the word directory Tristan/funeral.)


  1. I would prefer a green funeral as well. I dont want to be embalmed but I dont wanna be buried either. I have this weird fear that if I am dead I wanna make certain I am dead, so either throw me on a brush fire or put me in a mausoleum. I dont want to be put in a crowded cemetery. Just put me in a nice wooded area or an area near my parents home.

    I was always told that I had to be embalmed and such and I am like... no... no no no no I would rather jump in a river of lava and be done with it.

  2. But cut flowers of the right type can be planted and rooted. and in my family we send a sheaf of wheat. which of course symbolizes that dead is not the end. since you know you can plant that stuff and harvest it again.

    i personally want craft night and have people eat my flesh and make candles and such out of my fat if i have a lot left when i die. and of course bind a book with my skin to write stupid memories of me in.

  3. I will have a Druid funeral and my ashes buried somewhere I love


  4. I haven't been following here for long Tristan and wonder what you "current physical conditions" are that have you concerned.