Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back from War

Well, Pennsic has come and gone again. This was my 28th Pennsic War in a row and my shop, The Magic Mirror has been there for 27 and is a fixture. We did well this year though it was slow and seemed like things were not selling. I still have Pennsic to Pennsic Calendars left (I almost NEVER have more than a couple if that left over). I will add pictures to this post (if they came out) once I have put them on the computer. Over all hot and wet (at the end), but mostly drama and issue free.

Well, I guess I got very few pictures at war s here is one of the few worth posting. This is Wolffie (Wolfgang), the son of one of the helpers I hired for this war. His mother was a GREAT help and he actually helped clean up small things at the end. He was overall a good boy and I loved having him around.

Now back to commissions etc. 

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