Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Question about my books

Art question; I have self published 6 full color books of my art "Mythic Men" (out of these need to print more or redo), "Animalia" & "Fierce Symmetry" ( both anthro), "Bestiary" (animals), "Fey Folk" (elves), and "Faerie Dust" (faeries). The last has sold only a few copies and is the newest (came out early this year or late last , I don't remember).

Right now I have the money to print a new one and have several lined up to print. "Sons of the Sea" is what I would like to print next (mermen), but I have a couple others almost ready as well. "Goddess Incarnate" (females) would be great but I still need more art for it).

Since none of these have sold as well as I had hoped, is it worth it to bother printing new ones?

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