Sunday, October 5, 2014


OK, on Weasyl (an art site I am on) several of the artists I watch are doing Inktober It is a cool idea and I need to get myself inspired/working on something, so I am trying my hand at this. I plan to do one for each day, so I have 4 to do to catch up. But of course I started stupid...I decided to do a drawing on blue matboard with lots of large areas of black...then I discovered none of my markers were in any shape to do that, so I would have used a brush and India ink...but I don't have any India ink! SO, I drew the figure with a Misrcon pen and painted in the black with Acrylic...technically NOT ink, but it was what I could do. Then I discover I picked a size my scanner can't do and that photos have "issues" with the marker on the blue, so here is a so so, pieced together, sort of inked picture for Inktober. Oh, and the anatomy is not good...oh well. "Darkling", 10 x 11 Marker and Acrylic on matboard. Original and prints (if I can ever get a good version to do them from) available. Picture 33.

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