Friday, June 17, 2016

Fifty Year Cover

I did this several months back but did not want to post it before the event. The SCA ( ) is celebrating it's 50th Year and I was asked to do the cover for the souvenir book. I also sent interior art but that was all old stuff. I think it is 9 x 12, it was done mostly in Egg Tempera with a little Acrylic and Micron pen on real velum. Picture 35.

The front and back covers are based on/inspired by the Morgan Picture
Bible/Book of Kings, France, 13th Century.
Front Cover;
Panel 1. This represents the Birthday/graduation party that started
Panel 2. Represents all Courts, showing a King and Queen giving awards to
deserving subject.
Panel 3. Represents all Crown Tournaments, it is the first Crown with the
Arms of the winner and the runner up (who apparently had no Arms but
disappeared to Germany soon after).
Panel 4. Hawk, Horse and Hound, representing the animals in the SCA.
Back Cover:
Panel 1. War, representing all SCA Wars but using the colors of the Middle
and the East Kingdoms since Pennsic was our first War and our largest.
Panel 2. Represents the Arts and Sciences, A Scribe, and Armorer and a
Panel 3. Peers, Knight, Laurel, Pelican, Master of Defense. The banners
behind them represent the Royal Peers, County, Ducal and Ladies of the Rose.
Panel.4. The SCA now, families and children celebrating 50 years as a
The Arms of every kingdom in order of their formation is also shown.

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  1. Tristan this is absolutely wonderful, I just love it and how you've done a modern rendering of the Medieval world of the SCA. My favorite figure is the black-clad Knight on the back cover lower left corner. I love the heraldic art too.