Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando and Other Bad News

First, the horrible shootings in Orlando that targeted GLBT people makes me physically sick! The fact that most of the evidence shows his supposed radicalization was a smoke screen, he was gay and his religion made him hate himself and that is WHY he did what he did! But all anyone wants to talk about is Islamic terror. Not GUNS, not Homophobia, NOT religion! So I give up!

And the other more personal bad news is my son, who has been doing chemo and radiation to fight his breast cancer just found out that it has spread to one of his lungs and is stage 3! SO I will almost certainly lose my only child! We do not have the money to fight this as well as it can be fought (which is a so so chance of helping anyway)! So I have no hope left for anything. I see no point in life! This is more than I can handle!

Not that I expect more than one person to read or respond to this, but if you do, I do NOT want any "prayers"! They are useless and pointless as far as I am concerned. So please just DO NOT say you will pray for us or we will be in your prayers or any such useless platitudes!

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  1. I am so sorry. Can't say anything that would make anything better. I love your art.