Monday, June 28, 2010

Back from Anthro Con

Well, it wasn't the worst Con I have ever been to, but it wasn't the best by a LONG way! I did sell 3 pictures, for minimum bid. They almost paid for my hotel room...

It could have been worse and I could be saying I will never attend another AC. But I may try again (it must be the masochist in me). I have several issues with how they do their art show and with the extreme cliquishness of art buyers in the "furry" community. If you have a "name" they will buy almost anything from you, no matter how bad it may be. If you are not one of these "names" you can be the best artist on the planet and not sell! There are some very good artists with a "name" in this fandome, and I love several of the artist works, BUT my work is on the same level at least as several of these, but because I am not one of those "name" people, my work gets ignored!

Also the fact that people paid big bucks for crap art done on computer and printed on vinyl just boggles my mind and angers me. IT'S a blood print of a bad digital picture !! WHY would anyone spend hundreds on it??? I will never understand.

I am seriously thinking of not doing anymore anthro art. I have a couple pictures in the works (partly done or commissioned already) but after they are done I may move on and just forget about this style/type of art. We will see...  

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  1. you didn't mention your caring and cuddly roommate