Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Personal Art

Over the years, I have done many Merman pictures...I have sold very very few of these. It seems I am the only person who really likes my mermen. So here is what will undoubtedly end up as another in my collection of unsold work featuring mermen. "Swim", 3 x 4, Acrylic, watercolor colored pencil, Micron marker and Copic marker on Bristol. Suitable for a name badge. For sale. Picture 51.


  1. Yep. Bobby and I are always finding mermaid stuff (he has a pair of mermaid underwear! tmi, sorry ;), and I always say, "Pity it's not a merman; Tristan would love it." Alas. It's kind of like how when I say that I'm interested in Elves, everyone thinks I mean little people in curly-toed shoes. >.<

    Anyway, I like the picture, particularly how he appears to be swimming out of it!

  2. I happen to love Mermen just I can't afford to buy anything from you Tristan even thought there are a few I would like.