Monday, June 28, 2010

Selling the Unsellable

Not that anyone on here has ever bought any of my books, but since I have so many Anthro pictures now. I am considering doing another book of my Anthro art just to feel like maybe I can get something for all the work if anyone buys a book. What I am looking for now is a name, I have my first Anthro themed book "Animalia" and I was happy with that title. I have my all animal book "Bestiary". So now I think a second anthro book might give me some chance to make something off the art that no one wants to buy as originals (or prints apparently). Books maybe better..I need a name for the new book.

I am sure that is REALLY rambling and I am not going to try and read it again to myself to try and fix it.

Any ideas for new Anthro themed book titles will be appreciated


  1. kennel, menagerie, safari, wildlife, zoologicals

    if you ever do an oceanic book: Aquarium Di Alexander

  2. Thanks Oger, none of those hit the mark for me but I appreciate the suggestions! As for an oceanic book, I have a merman book planed called "Sons of the Sea", but yours is interesting. Actually I like Oceanic as a title...but still need one for this new animal book.