Thursday, October 28, 2010

66 Followers and still no comments

Welcome new followers. Please leave comments when you can. I post my art here to get feedback.


  1. I want followers. How do you get them? I have only 7 and you have 66. You are so popular!

  2. I look at what sites my followers follow and if they apeal to me, I follow them! And that seems to get them and their followers to look at my site, and some then follow my site! I also just randomly look around on bloger and have found some great sites, which have lead to some people finding my site.

  3. I thought you was mad at us a while ago about the born orientation thing so I laid low. Everybody I know knows about your site.

    What's likely is that the look, and read, but don't follow or comment.

    I've found that's just how it is. Thousand apparently visit my page "Juno 2012", but I have only five or six regular commenters.

    I have no idea why this is. Just the way of the 'net I guess.