Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Big Gray Guy

This was done as a prize for an SCA event many years ago. It is based on a 1500's enameled jewelry piece. It is a Father Satyr figure. I also did a Female/Mother version. Both were done in Acrylic on gray paper and were about 5 feet tall.  I hope I have not posted this before.


  1. hey, so ok, not to pick on you at all, more a comment on the art you got it from, but... what is up with all the lumps all over this guy? is he, like supposed to be bulging with muscles that dont exist, or did he, like, get a vat of acid dumped on him? again, not picking on you... I think you did a fantastic job with your little wierd baby people... I'm just wierded out by the lumps and bulges. :P

  2. I guess the idea was to show off each muscle, and since the original I was working from was a tiny thing, they exagerated them to make it stand out better.