Monday, March 21, 2011

BAD Apple

Apple approves iPhone app that "cures" homosexuality (well, one that supports that insane, abusive and evil idea!) If you own an iPhone, contact Apple and tell them you want that app removed! It should be illegal in this country at least, to try and "cure" homosexuality since ALL of the supposed "cures" are torture and phycologically damaging and NEVER work. The authorities on mental health ALL agree it is harmful and wrong, so why can churches and other groups still do it? Boycott Apple!

1 comment:

  1. Glad I don't own an Iphone. O-o I hate Apple and AT&T in the first place. xDDD They're idiots. And I believe you're right, there's no real "cure" out there for homosexuality that doesn't damage the mentality of those who are homosexual. And It's completely fuckin wrong for Churches and these other groups to try and change that when it's illegal. (I think) But either way, I agree with you. :D