Sunday, March 20, 2011

Church Police

Well, now I even have a follower who clearly is out of place here and is associated with the Church...I guess I will really have to watch what I say about Christians! Not that I will say anything negative again since I have been told I am not allowed to! Funny how some groups can say whatever they want about others but if you say anything not nice about them you are the one who is bad and wrong!


  1. It's your blog, say whatever you like about Christians. There are a lot of times when I'd agree with you! I'm the last person the church police would want working with them.

    I like your art. I appreciate your rants.

    Are you still doing EfM? I finished in 2004 and now mentor.

  2. Jeffri, before you showed up I had several posts aganst Christians and have since removed most if not all due to being attacked and condemnd for daring to say Christians are not the best thing since slices bread!
    I finished EFM last year, it is a great course! It taught me I am not a Christian and I would and have encouraged others to take it!

  3. You should not have to watch what you post about churches! It's your blog, you can do what you please. If this Christian or other Christians don't like what you post, they can just unfollow. It's not that hard. =/ Block them if they give you lip xDDD