Thursday, March 10, 2011

Older Than You Thought

A few years back, I heard about this and have recently seen a show and found several more articles on this. I LOVE that the idea that human civilization is WAY older than was previously thought is now being seriously considered! My own feelings etc. about Atlantis seems more and more valid. They did NOT come from space, have lasers etc. But they were building cities and had culture and civilization when most of the world was primitive and living in caves!

Anyway, very thought provoking and cool!

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  1. It would be so awesome if they find art in these cities say on submerged pottery of Shiva and such. or perhaps of the sky ships and such in better detail that the Vedic texts and other texts of early history describe.

    Also i wonder if indeed others were lving in the caves or simply returned to them when their world was destroyed. i mean think about how many people right now would not be able to sustain any if the technology we have now. people that would run from the cities and have to start over from scratch so to speak. back to the stone age. This is why i am thankful of things like the SCA which would at least give some people a better than stone age working technology if some eco disaster hits us. think of especially the city folks who take everything for granted and will barely be able to get a plant to grow let alone metal work or making candles from animal fat or any of that other shit. perhaps the city dwellers in these places were so complacent with things and their artificial societies that when the ice caps melted and the cities were lost that WHOOPS guess you are fucked now! thereby ending up in caves and such. which would explain the high level of cave art. the early art of that time was damn advanced with perspective and anatomy (except for people who were stick figures...) perhaps that understanding was some of what remained.

    I could go on about this stuff for decades