Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hope this Old Pic is New Here

This is my Vampyre character that I have a story partly written about. The story is on here posted last year (Strange Delights). I may have posted this when I posted the story, but oh well, I need to post art and this is something I am happy with and so I will post it now. I am very happy with this, it has tons of details and just works for me. Valantene at the Window, 9 x 12, marker (Micron I think) on Bristol. As always prints are available.  


  1. I love it. It's gorgeous. Do you sell prints of it?
    Also, doesn't Valantene (Valentine?) sometimes have wings?
    Or does he just wear a cape.

  2. Yes I sell prints of this. Valantene never has wings.