Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not a Well Man

Well it is official, I have Diabetes, they did a test at the Dr and it said HI! and Not the good Hi, so now I have to drastically change my eating or they will want me on insulin, which I can NOT do cause I can NOT deal with needles!


  1. It is possible to do! And there are other meds in pill form that can be tried first before going the insulin route. However, a combination of diet and exercise can avoid meds alltogether for many folks. Weight Watchers works for many. I use "Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy" by Hope S. Warshaw. And I walk 20-30 minutes every day. Bloog sugar (and blood pressure) are now under conrol without pills or insulin. Hang in there. It is possible!

  2. As a nurse I have seen many patients turn it around with exercise and diet .

    father powyl the druid