Monday, October 24, 2011

Wellcome to Follower 100

While I know some don't really look at this weble anymore and that some who are on the followers list are "inactive", I appreciate those who do look, read and comment here! Thank You! New followers, please comment, that is why I have this weble, to get feedback. I hope to post more art soon!


  1. Tristan, you mentioned your earlier posts of a story with Valentin. I read the whole thing as you had it printed out back when I first joined. I know it isn't done yet, but when it is, do you plan to make it a book with the Valentin pictures throughout as well? I would LOVE this! Also, I just adore the teeny Cthulu you made for that necklace.

  2. Diana, yes, if I ever finish the story I would love to make it into a printed book with illustrations. The tiny Cthulu sold at Pennsic :).