Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here We Go Again

I have lots that needs done, I have deadlines, and so what am I working on? Something else completely of course. Several years ago an artist friend whose work is amazing and who is much more successful than I, admired one of my pictures and commented that she should commission me to do a Hern picture for her sometime. SO...I did one, I liked it, but it did not strikee her fancy and it eventually sold to someone else. So now she posts a picture of one of the actors from the "True Blood" series and I say "maybe I should do a Hern based on him?" She likes the idea, so I am doing jut that...It is taking way more time than I should spend on it and I alternately love and hate how it is coming out. So here is a small section of it (the top 3rd), in a very early stage. Hern, Lord of the Spiral" WIP. 

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