Saturday, July 14, 2012

Insanity Reigns Supreme

Not just a good motto, but how I feel sometimes. I am continuing the Hern picture and spending hours and hours more on a picture that I know will not be liked by the person I had hope would want it and I am also sure it will end up as just another useless unwanted picture hanging in my house with no reason to be! I have so many unsold pictures as it is that I should stop painting...but Insanity Reigns Supreme, so I paint on! Here is the Hern picture as it was a few hours ago...


  1. What are you talking about Tristan, this picture looks great even unfinished. Some art-loving Pagan will snap it up. There is only one spot that I would change, and that's where his torso is across from his left elbow (that is, to the right of the picture). His waist is a bit too slim for the heroic musculature of the chest, and I would just shade that empty spot between the elbow and the torso so it looks like a bit of his burly back muscle. I like the leaves a lot. I have unwanted pictures around my house too but eventually I find buyers for them or just give them away if I don't care any more. The artist's life!

  2. I suspect that he will sell the first time you show him. How we feel about our own piece is not the best predictor of sales.

  3. This is 16 x 20, already has many hours more work than shown here...I will be asking $200 for it when finished. That will be matted and framed!