Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Anybody Out There?

I have not gotten any comments for a while and just wonder if everyone is so busy on Facebook and Twitter that they no longer even look at Webles/Blogs? It would be nice since I am off of Facebook and will NEVER do Twitter if some of you would comment here occasionally!


  1. Actually, I do check your blog every week or so to see where you are with projects (in the hopes you will soon be ready to start on mine, LOL). Wish your entries had a "like" button so I could just hit that because, let's face it, most of us are pretty lazy.

  2. Sally, I hope to get to your next picture soon, but I have at least one scroll and maybe one pictue ahead of you! The last scroll I did and posted was over 2 years overdue!

  3. Totally understand. Hopefully sometime in the next month or two? I'd really like to reissue the first book before the end of the year.
    Oh yeah, another reason people may not be posting is because it's freakin' bothersome. I realize you need the spam filters, but it's just not as easy to post on a blog as it is on FB.

  4. Sally, I understand about the pain of posting, but it can't be helped. Facebook is poison to me, continueing to be on it would most likely lead to my death (no joke), so sorry I am no longer on there to easily comment to.

    As for your next picture, before the end off the year for sure! I hope in a month or so at most!

  5. Yay!
    I am trying to join your blog, but it won't let me upload a photo. May just have to go with blank face :-(