Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Birthday Gifts

Well, today is my birthday and I have a couple of gifts from Don (they were a bit early). One is a new BJD, he has no name yet and he has proven to be a bit of a lesson. When I found him online for a good price and asked for him for my Birthday, I had never heard of recast dolls. Recast dolls are basically unauthorised copies. If I had realised this I would never have asked for this one. It has many "issues" as well as basically being a rip off of the original doll, so NOT something I as an artists would ever be part of! I may have to order the real doll from the real company at some point to make up for it! DO NOT buy recast dolls!! Anyway, he still has no name (he showed up fast and I got him actually a few days before my Birthday)any name ideas are welcome. I have considered naming him Kaichu (and calling him Kai), that is Japanese for recast. Still working on his hair. My other gifts so far is a set of sheets (fitted and regular) as well as two bed pillows made by my hubby for the bed I made for the dolls! They look great and I will take pictures sometime.

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