Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dr. Who Fan Boy Moment

I forgot to post this back on Thanksgiving weekend. At the convention I was at I got to hold one of the pieces of the actual Key to Time! For those long time Dr. Who fans who know more than just the past 3, you know what that is. To those new fans, during the Tom Baker era, there was a story arc called the Key to Time and it had several parts (the actual key was a Crystal puzzle, made of Lucite or acrylic or some other transparent plastic.) At Darkover this past Thanksgiving weekend one of the people there had in her possession one of the actual parts to that puzzle and I got to hold it! One of my few "squwee" was just cool.
More than 20 years ago I did get to pet the real K9 and operate the TARDIS controls! The Maryland Science Center had a Dr. Who exhibit  and I was a volunteer who got to actually take people through the exhibit, run the TARDIS controls and like I say, pet the real K9 etc. It was very cool back before Dr. Who was so huge here. 

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