Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Look Another Doll

I now have way more of these than I ever thought I would and another on layaway. Anyway this is Satu (the name is Scandinavian and means basically the same thing as saga (fairytale/story/myth). It is the name of the person I bought him from and it just seemed a cool name. He is my first real Ipelhouse (one of the biggest and best BJD companies). He came to me by way of Finland (he was owned by someone there).
He is not quite 11 inches tall and has skin the color of my son when he was small. I made his hair (wigs for BJDs don't come in African styles or at least not that I have ever found, so I had to make this myself). He is SO adorable and will get clothing soon. My next doll is a fox boy, he has a human face and body but fox lower legs and fox ears and a tail.

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