Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New Tiny Fairy Doll

I made the mistake of joining a Facebook group called BJD Adoption, and it is where people sell dolls they have and don't want for whatever reason. Some are amazing beautiful and expensive, some are cute and reasonably priced, and this one was cute and cheap! This is my cheapest BJD. I paid $26 for him and I am very pleased. He does need restrung (he is a but floppy) but that can be fixed. I changed his eyes, did a bit of painting on him and made the wings. He still needs hair, but that will happen eventually. I may do some makeup on him like on Little Leaf (my other even smaller BJD). The picture does not show the wings all that well, they a translucent and iridescent and I am trying a new way to put them on him, Velcro...we will see if I like it after he has had them awhile. Anyway, he doesn't have a name yet, but here is my new little Fairy BJD.


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