Monday, June 1, 2015

X Marks the Spot

I am a fan of the X-men comics (hated the movies) and Nightcrawler is my second favorite character (Storm is my first). So I had to eventually do a picture of him and being that it is me, it had to be a nude. "Kurt Relaxing" (I know, not a great title), 9 x 12, Micron pen, Copic marker, Acrylic (for the eyes) and white PrismaColor on Grey toned paper. Original and prints for sale. Picture 25.


  1. Great work, I luv it and thank you for sharing. I have always been a huge fan of T"he Fuzzy Elf" and this is simply astounding. Kurt always bounced back and forth between my 2nd and 3rd favorite X-Men character, between him and Storm in her Yukio inspired mohawk days. Have you ever posted a picture of yourself? It would be great to be able to attach a face to the artist behind the name. I;m assuming your avatar is a self portrait, am I correct?

  2. Yes, my icon is a self portrait. I have less hair now and no curl in my beard. But that is a reasonable representation of me. Glad you like the Kurt picture.