Thursday, March 10, 2016

Inspiration Gold

Here is a quickie photo with flash that shows the gold leaf well...but that is only with that kind of lighting, so I doubt it will be what I keep. "Inspiration WIP detail".


  1. Goodness gracious what did you do with the geometrics? Did you blur the area with a Photoshop filter? The figure is still sharp and bright. Nice that his hand is fireproof…otherwise Yowtch!

  2. You know better, every dot is hand placed and the blur effect (which is even more so now) is all my hand work. And the gold leaf is now all painted, basically it looks like this picture now but it is white paint instead of reflected light.

  3. Of course, all hand done! Meanwhile, yes that figure in my "rock climbing" illustration is an alien, the author doesn't describe her so it was up to me and that's why the face looks strange.