Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Idiot Christian Cult ( I can't spell)

A Cristian Cult starved a 1 year old to death for not saying amen after meals! They could get up to 60 years in jail! OH, boo hoo, they should be starved to death as punishment! They are way more evil than guys in jail for consensual sex or smoking Pot! But they are Christians so they get lighter treatment than others! Makes me sick!!


  1. Don't blame Christianity for this one, Tristan. This was perpetrated by a group of insane morons. They are not going to get away with this (accused of first-degree murder) any more than anyone else. Sorry to point this out to you, but there are plenty of insane homicidal morons who are NOT Christian.

  2. Yes, the monotheistic faiths seem to have a huge proportion of psychotics among their numbers. America is a veritable breeding ground of Xtian psychopaths. And beyond that they are well funded and spreading their psychosis around the globe under the guise of bringing "benefits" to others.

    I draw no distinction between any of the monotheistic religions. They grew out of one another, and each one in its turn refined its treachery.

    There are really very few holy men in the world today. Suelo impresses me:


    But they are far and few between, and that is why I like this web log so much Tristan.

  3. Pyra, they claim they are Christian, the media repeatedly says they are, and they belive the baby will be raised from the dead. So Yes! I can blame Christianity for this one! Just like I can blame it for the death of inocent kids who happen to be Gay and who live in any country that practices this evil religion! Now One of the African contries is making being Gay punishable by death (can't remember the name of the contry). It has made a law influenced by the American Right Wing Christians that makes death the punishment for just being Gay! The Muslem counries that have this same law are considered barbaric by America at large, but not the Christain Countries! And Republicans would make that law here if they could!