Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bugger! Lost Another One!

Well, I had 31 followers, now only 30. Of course I know that half never comment and may never even look at this page. My husband, Don (gwynhir), my friend Timberland (who is losing or has lost Internet access), John/Tangent, Jennie and Russell (who are now both addicted to facebook) are all listed as followers but I know they almost never look at the page and most have never commented. I have not figured out who dropped off, but I will have to get used to it and not worry about it since most never contribute so I have no idea if they really even look at the page. Ah Well!


  1. And now Google requires updated information to be a follower. If I wanted to "Follow" you I would have to create a NEW account. And it would have to be confirmed by a phone message.
    I like my privacy. I like my present persona. And I love your blog. I am not Following you but I am certainly Following you.

  2. phone message? Sheesh! I swear they are trying to kill webles/blogs so everyone will go to Facebook! I HATE facebook and will never post there!