Sunday, February 28, 2010

Experiment #4

This is named for the fact that I was trying out how Copic markers worked on the darker Canson board...not real good. I had a small scrap of 5 x not quite 9, red/brown board and started with the idea of doing a simple wolf head. Again, not so good! The proportions are off (I know most would not notice, but IT is off...). So, it became more werewolf and got the name "Experiment #4". Don't ask why number 4, it was just what came to mind.
It was done mostly while setting in a church (not attending service but waiting on my husband who was at the service), so it didn't cut into commission work time.
I ended up adding allot of Acrylic so you will never figure out what was the Copic marker and what was something else. For a small quick picture, it's OK. Original for sale, $30. Picture 16.


  1. Hi Tristan, you're right, I've been lax about commenting. But I do visit this Weble every night. I use Copic markers too but you have to remember that they are not permanent so you must scan anything you draw with them that you want to keep. The original will fade. You were right to go over your werewolf with acrylic, which doesn't fade.

    I also see that your werewolf has an opposable thumb, even in full wolf form.

  2. AH! I wondered about the permenance of Copic markers. If they fade I will not be getting more, they are ok but not worth the cost if they fade!
    As for the werewolf having an opposable thumb, he isn't in full wolf form yet (his head is not elongated enough). He is still changing!