Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thinking Ahead

Pennsic is a mere 6 months away so I am starting my plans now! This year will be the 25th anniversary of my shop "The Magic Mirror" and so I had a banner made up to post at the shop to advertise this and those who sell there. Thought I would share it here. It is a huge blow up of a small part of a scroll I did and is printed by VistaPrint on vinyl, 35 x 20.


  1. NICE! Here is hoping this will be a great year. i still have hope for it even with everything that has gone wrong and is going wrong (boil on my frikken leg and extreme dire rheas attacking and of course the disassembly and reassembly of my living space and Dave still Jobless...)

    it has to get better. it will get better. something must change damnit

  2. 25--wow! Congratulations!

    And beautiful banner, too, of course. :)

  3. Looks lovely, and screams Renaissance Florentine (much to my delight!) i also appreciate that we're firmly flying the colors and calling it 'Fantasy Art," with no pretense that everything in the shop is ANYTHING but. (If you want 100% authentic European Renaissance images in a 100% authentic European Renaissance shop staffed by 100% authentic European people, this is not it.) The only correction I can think of is that it looks like the last part of my SCA name probably was chopped off in the reference. No worries, but the full SCA name is Signora Portia de Sancto Lucianno, (or just Portia St. Luke, which is what I sign all my things under anyway.)
    Thanks again, boss!