Monday, February 15, 2010

Number Nine

Here is the ninth picture for 2010, it is a slightly anthropomorphic Pine Marten (a member of the weasel family). The background is my favorite part though I really like Pine Martens (Thanks Theddy). "Sentry", 8 1/2 x 18 1/2, Acrylic on Canson board. Original SOLD at Balticon. Prints available!


  1. Tristan my sister's leaveing you a comment under my account here you go:
    It's so cute. It reminds me of my pet ferret Yuna, sadly not with us any more. It's a great painting and I like it alot.

  2. Andy's sister, thank you, Pine Martens are related to ferrets (well they are both weasels). :)

  3. Except that Pine Martens are Ferrets on Chibi! speaking of which Toph is feeling much better now and back with the boys and happy about it. you really need to meet them.

  4. Wow, I agree with you--the background is gorgeous! (The critter is cute too, of course. ;) I wonder what inspired it--not the three feet of (slowly melting) snow, was it?

    I think this might be one of my favorites. :)