Monday, February 8, 2010

Spoiled Muse

It seems that now that I have a 4 picture commission and have been paid half to get started, my Muse has decided I need to paint OTHER things! He is a brat and I will have to get him under control soon, but for now I am doing a few non commissioned pictures.

Here is picture 5 for 2010, it took me 2 days and I really love how it came out. Tepeyollotl is an Aztec Jaguar God, the statue behind him and the jewelry he wears are all based on actual Aztec artifacts. "Tepeyollotl Awakening", 8 1/2 x 10, Acrylic with a small amount of watercolor colored pencil and Pro White on Canson board. Original SOLD at Balticon. Prints available.


  1. I know you said you have a lota commission but I have an inquiry for information on a commision. 1. Cost 2. Shipping 3. Time... I would like know because I have a Friend birthday in May and I want to commision a painting or drawing from you.

  2. Andy, email me at and I will answer these questions and we can discuss what you want.

  3. I know muses that never work on what they're supposed to are a pain--but wow! I'm glad yours took a detour if this is the result. I love everything about it: the texture of his fur, the background (of course!), and the composition, with the statue in the background behind him.