Saturday, March 6, 2010

WIP Next Step

Actually if the last one was step 3 this is maybe step 7...I should have scanned it at least 3 more times between the last step I posted and this one...but I got going and it is better to keep painting than to stop and scan. So, anyway, here is a much more fleshed out Gladiator Boys. Lots more to do, not only the background but also some Celtic designs/tattoos on the red head and maybe a scar or three on both. I hope the person who commissioned this is as happy with it as I am becoming! 8 1/2 x 11, Acrylic on Canson board.
Comments on any of my posts are most welcome! HINT!!


  1. Thanks! The vivid background on the Minoan boys pic was becuase that was what was appropriate, this one will be less bight.

    And I still get redirected from "Pink Hell" to other sites that are not even blogs! No idea how to fix that!

  2. Thanks again, yes I have all that stuff! I will have to get my husband who is the computer person to see what he can do.

  3. When I go to "Pink Hell" my Avast virus protection tells me that a virus is detected and to "abort connection". What it all means, I do not know.