Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Help With New Picture

OK, I will be posting this on FurAffinity and Facebook too. I want to get feedback to help me finish this picture. I can't decided what to do for the background on this. I still have allot of work to do on the figure and flowers but I would love to know what I am doing with the background before I get the figure to much further along. This is the Egyptian God, Nefertem and the flowers will be much more blue (they are blue lotus). Any and all ideas are welcome.


  1. Would extending the water behind him and showing one or more banks to the Nile work? Maybe a water background with the green flash that comes just before sunrise. Yes, I know the green flash is an ocean event and not Nile. ~Moonpuppy

  2. Not being all that familiar with this cat, I took a minute to look him up and do a little research... watery, beautiful youth, associated with lotuses and perfume... (Gee, no idea why you'd pick this subject.) My vote is to take some of those beautiful water-rendering skills you have and place him seated part-way (mid-thigh-ish... continuing the lotuses that are already there) into the sort of beautiful pool with that glorious, richly-colored Egyptian palatial architecture working its way into the background. Let the water's transparency still show the thighs... but you can pick up some of those hot, sparky reds and blues from the jewels in the architecture. (Jut my vote!)

  3. Awesome body work and face and details. I love almost everything you post! Or draw! You are amazing!