Thursday, April 8, 2010

Late For Easter

I had hoped to have an anthro rabbit picture done or at least started for Easter, but it didn't happen. Now I have a finished bunny of sorts. The movie "Harvey" is a favorite of mine and is the first time I ever heard of a phooka (pronounced pu-ka). These mischievous Celtic spirits appear in the form of various animals. Normally they are black, but in "Harvey" we are told he is white. I decided to add spiral mystical symbols and keep the background simple but to imply a connection to the movie by putting in the street lamp. "Mr. Dowde's Phooka Pal", about 7 x 15, Acrylic, watercolor colored pencil and Pro White on Canson board. Original and prints for sale. picture 26


  1. HOLY HOT BUNNIES!!!!!!!
    this is wonderful!

  2. Nicely drawn bodybuilder bunnybody. Gives new meaning to the Playboy logo.

  3. thank you for the advice you leave me on my blog
    (about fur affinity)