Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sick of being Sick

Day 3 of sinus/cold/allergy problem. sore throat with runny nose and headache, followed by horrible coughing. Not much sleep and no way to get any art done. Hope I am better soon...


  1. I recommand a cup of hot tea with lemon, honey and a little peice of ginger. Lemon for vitamin c, honey is natures all in one and soothes sore throats plus it's a sweetner and the ginger will help open your sinuses. Also plenty of sleep. Get well soon.(I'm been a know-it-all again)

  2. Been there, had that, had to go to work anyway. Hope you feel better soon!
    Ganesha is adorable. In more than one way!

  3. Andy, I love tea, but have drank an ocean of it...didn't help much. Sleep? Hard to do when you can't breath, cough and sneeze all the time..I am getting better but the throat and some coughing is still with me.
    Pyra, thanks! Glad you like my Ganesha.