Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Fling

Stupid title but I couldn't think of anything. I just finished a picture based somewhat on a Clouded Leopard (not a true leopard but that is what it is called and it's markings are lovely). A somewhat simple, artistic pose just cause I liked it. "Clouded Cutie", 8 x 10, Acrylic and watercolor colored pencil on Canson board. Picture 27.


  1. Both this and the older Valantene are lovely. Your leopard-boy looks happier than some of your other characters. And of course there are the EARS...are you going to switch your characters' ears to the modern "fox-eared" form where they stick out at an angle to the head?

  2. I Like this picture. I disagree with Pyra on the ears. I think they are perfect for him. The ears sticking out wouldn't look right in my opinion. He is a Jungle Cutie in my thoughts...LOL.

  3. (I am posting this from an email I got)
    i wanted to write to you ~ again
    ~ to thank you and encourage you ~ in your extraordinary creations

    ~ your March posting of Dionysus on the Rocks
    ~ is one of the most beautiful, most sensuous works i've EVER seen in my life !!

    ~ and i loved the recent sharing of the 'steps' you took
    ~ in creating a work ~ it's wonderfully illustrious of your technique and skill

    ~ the more recent Clouded Cutie
    ~ and Valantene Rising ~ are also masterpieces !!!
    ~ beyond exquisite

    ~ as was "Bound Demon" in mid March
    ~ an utterly amazing ~ inspiring ~ extraordinary work