Monday, October 18, 2010

Even More lil Imp

Normally, I would never do this, especially since the two parts will never be together as a matted framed original. But, I just had to see all of him so, I painted the bottom part of little imp, scanned it and have put them together in "paintshop". So this is available as a special print. Lil Imp (full body).


  1. Love the squealy little tail.
    But I am afraid of what this little guy could do to someone. Attacked by a razor-clawed, bat-eared, pig-tailed devil baby!

  2. I tried several tail styles and settled on this one. His claws are not very different than human babies, have you ever been scratched by a baby? They have very sharp little fingernails! And he is not a devil baby, he is an Imp!

  3. Indeed I have. ...been scratched. I helped raise some of my sister's kids.

    They bite too.

    'Love this one. It would look great illuminated in my front window. Although I'm not sure if it would attract or scare kids away. :-)