Monday, August 10, 2009

Back From War

Two weeks away, has anyone missed me? LOL

Pennsic was great! Not bad weather except some rain and a few cold nights. New art will be posted in a few days once I get recovered and back to work.

Just so you get a small feel of what I had, here is a picture taken from just outside our camp at Pennsic (I would have more pics but the stupid batteries on the camera were almost dead I didn't know it so did not get the pics I had wanted to take all war). The cars were only there because this was the last morning and people were packing up to leave, otherwise it was a great view without cars all war!


  1. Where is the camp now?

  2. Last camp at the top of Runestone Hill just before the park.Across from the Middle Eastern Dance tent. It's not really any further from the shop etc. than the old home site, just the oposite direction.

  3. I missed you! Did you do any sketching during Pennsic? There must have been so many things to draw. Do you ever draw from live posed (or unposed) models?